Longmont Kettlebell Club

PrintKettlebell Sport (aka: Girevoy Sport), focuses on training athletes to work under submaximal load for an extended amount of time in a competition setting. Although competition is not the main goal for all lifters, it is what provides the lifter with a target, something that will allow for measureable progress. In competition, an athlete is required to complete one of 3 lifts (Snatch, Long Cycle, or Jerk) for a 10-minute set, completing as many proper reps as possible. Reps that do not meet all of the guidelines are thrown out as no counts, so excellent form is essential.

As a sport kettlebell lifter, you can expect to build strength, efficiency, flexibility, and confidence. Due to the sport’s focus on endurance, kettlebell sport lifters tend not to build a lot of mass, but rather stay long, lean, and strong. This sport is great for both men and women!

**No prior lifting experience is necessary.


Alison Zemanek and Christian Goldberg, both accomplished sport lifters, are thrilled to announce The Longmont Kettlebell Club at Crossfit Longmont!


  • $39.99/month for clients/members of BreakAway Longmont and CFL (Register)
  • $49.99/month for non-members (Register)
  • $30.00 drop-in (Register) **Also, we’re offering a trial session.  To get the session, clients just purchase the drop-in and use coupon code kettlebell  to clear the cost.
  • Optional Saturday WOD available at a discounted price for LKBC members.


Saturdays at 9:00am-10:15am – beginning November 15th


info@breakawaylongmont.com or visit the Longmont Kettlebell Club page on breakawaylongont.com and click the “reserve now” button

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