How do I get Started?

Quick Start

You can  drop in on one of our scheduled WODS, sign your waiver and sink or swim!  We of course recommend taking our preferred process but we know there are some of you just eager to get it started.

After your WOD sit down with your Coach or Call direct to  : 970-901-1821 to go over membership.

Our Preferred Process To create new CrossFit Athletes

  • Check out our CFL Community on the Web: CrossFit LongmontCrossFit Longmont FacebookInstagram
  • Pick a class from our Schedule and plan on trying out a CrossFit WOD
  • Attend the CFL WOD (Class)
  • Ask your Coach to go over what it would take to move forward and become a CFL Athlete
  • We welcome CrossFitters with prior experience.  No you do not have to retake foundations but we would like to see you preform in a WOD and then we can talk about discounts, getting diesel and stuff like that
  • As for the New CrossFit Athletes we require you to complete 8 foundations classes during your first 30 days with us.  CrossFit foundations will be the basis for your success here
  • Good Luck, we look forward to your CrossFit success



We are interested in building a team of like minded athletes, our CFL community is important to us, and we’d like to meet you before we discuss membership and your options at CFL. Some of you may even rate a small scholarship here. We are looking forward to your call!

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