In the beginning, as someone new to lifting, I was always looking for a more interesting way to get “cut and jacked”. I thought that’s what it was all about. Barely eating, I still somehow managed to gain strength. I can thank my emotional attachment to food for that. This motivated me to be better and stronger, but not to point the point of eating more and risking gaining weight. (Silly me)
One day a few buddies of mine were doing a random compilation of calisthenics led by a man wearing weird frog shoes(vibrams). I heard what they were doing was called a “CrossFit” workout. I had always considered myself to be an active and athletic person, so I didn’t feel drawn to join a workout led by some random man at my globo gym. It wasn’t part of my Flawless bodybuilding routine, so I went back to my half rep bench, quarter squats and spin class. Then I was told told to try something called “hang cleans”. Looks neat, I thought… After much persuasion, I went on to do a “WOD” with Mr. frog shoes — 45# hang cleans and lunges. I was put in my place! That day I also found out 65# was my max clean!

  Soon after, I popped my head into a CrossFit gym in Madison, AL. Before this I had never even googled “CrossFit”, so I only expected to learn what it was, not to join. But I immediately got fired up, and after a few days of CrossFitting I quickly began to care less about self-appearance and more about performance.
Like most, I grew very passionate about the sport and very passionate about the wonderful community it brings together. I now have my Level 2, CrossFit Weightlifting Cert, and Crossfit Rowing. I love learning about the sport and love to staying open to all advice. No matter the level of athlete, we all have room for improvement. I enjoy competing in individual competitions, as well as working on a team! My favorite movements would include the Snatch and Clean and Jerk as I have never been the most conditioned athlete in any sport. My least favorite movements are thrusters, muscle-ups and most benchmarks because of the nervous wreck they make me. I try to keep a fairly nutritious and clean diet, but my favorite foods are unfortunately along the lines of burgers, donuts, and craft beer.

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