Shawn M. Wentz a.k.a. “Sarge” , as he’s known on this side of the U.S, is one of the co-founders and current owner of CrossFit Longmont (Red Sonja Inc.). Sarge is a former Marine with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, and a former NCAA Division I Wrestler for Kent State University in Ohio. After college Sarge interned with the United States Olympic Committee as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for USA Wrestling, USA Triathlon, USA Judo, USA Volleyball, USA Shooting, USA Paralympic Team and USA Cycling teams just prior to 2004 Olympic games.

I have been fortunate enough to coach at more levels of human development, skill, function, age, class, heritage, race,  and recreational to professional abilities than my mentors and instructors were ever able to prepare me for.

As a CrossFit Longmont Coach Sarge has a coaching style that taps into his in-depth athletic experience as well as his 14 plus years experince as a Coach.

I think back to the admiration, connection, and love I have had (and still do) for my coaches and instructors. These relationships have not only helped me develop my athletic endeavors but also have built the framework for how I care for the humans I would be fortunate enough to coach down the road.

As the president and owner of Red Sonja, Inc. (parent company of DBA CrossFit Longmont) Sarge is proud to lead the charge of the CFL Coaches and Instrucotrs in delivering CrossFit, our CFL culture, and some of the most challenging, but scalable, modern ways of exercising availible to Homosapians today!

 I have come to understand that our success as a 6 year old CrossFit, has been built on the backs of our dedicated CFL team of coaches, volunteers, and the CFL Athletes themselves.

I am truly proud of being a CrossFit owner for more reasons than I am able to communicate. If I were to sum it up in a short speech (we call these Sarge tangents) I would say: I believe that the CrossFit model properly executed in a culture of trained coaches and trained athletes alike (CFL) is the best prescription for health and fitness available today. It tops all other exercise prescriptions with its broad (national) introduction of Olympic weightl lifting, gymnastics, and the creative combinations of these most complex human motor movements. Add to this a little competition and the cognitive knowledge of how and when to scale/modify and you have yourself a recipe of a true challenge that not all humans will be able to accomplish. ~ Sarge

I am available for private training, power walks, or just an open ear at the below scheduling link:

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Congrats Fearns- Chavez


I just wanted to say once again how proud I am of the Fearns-Chavez team performance.


Great job Coaches!…..Sarge



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Thanks Coach Whitney!


If your ever in Denver’s Santa Fe art district you should “drop-in” on CrossFit Elevation.  You’ all know how I like family photo’s, this is a recent post WOD Photo of Coach Whitney Dean, CrossFit Elavation Athletes and Canines.

Also you may see me in there “Training BJJ” on the Darkhorse BJJ matts in the back room.  Come roll with me anytime…….Sarge

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CrossFit Longmont Musical Medicine Balls!

19 Ap

ril 031

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Great Job on the “CF Open” CFL Coaches And Athletes!

29 Feb 169

Just wanted to say great job all around in completing our first week of the CF Open!  I believe this will be our best year yet, as a CF Box, in participation of the “Open” WODS.


I noticed some “good behavior” from our Athletes to include: being excited about their own performance and cheering on others to do well,  I also noticed some outstanding scores!  Way to go front runners!  Overall I was proud of us as an organization.  We even learned a few things as a staff and are making a few small adjustments to make the CrossFit Open even better for us.

Just a few Notes:

  •  Open WODS will be held at all Friday Classes, Saturday at 9AM and Sunday at 11AM, we are not permitting the open at any other times.
  • We will validate all scores by Monday evening, be sure to have submitted your score by then or CFHQ will not accept it.


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The CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit Journal

In an effort to cultivate our CFL Community I will be posting the CrossFit Journal hardcopy at our Box from time to time.  As CrossFitters I recommend it as a good cognitive avenue of achieving your goals as a CrossFit Longmont Athlete.

I am looking forward to some of the discussions the CF Journal articles will elicit…….Sarge




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Plan O’ the Days 28 Sep 2015

The “Blood Moon” week of Programming!!!

Have fun CFL Athletes and thanks for being you!!!  I am thankful for each of you, Athletes and Coaches included. I look forward to you Dieselness in completing Coach Sav’s WOD’s this week.  Go get em…….Sarge!


WU: 15-12-9

       BB Thrusters

       Candlestick rocks




         Max of the complex: 1 Hi-Hang Clean + 1 Hang Clean

 **as always, you may not proceed in weight unless you fully squat.


For Time:

 100 Double-Unders

 50 Calorie Row

 25 Step-ups (45#/24”)


2x 2 min Wall-Sit

** even if you drop, continue to try until 2 mins are up **





STR: 3x 16 Death March (DB) (heavy)


         Find a 3 RM Weighted Pull-Up

**use a partner to set dumbell in feet**


WOD: 9 min AMRAP:


10 Backrack Lunges (115/75) *from floor

20 Push Balls (20/14)


ACC: *not optional*

2 x 10 Kip Swings

     5 Skin-the-Cats



WU: 500m Row, Shoulder stretches/warmups


SK: Handstand Walk Progression


WOD: EMOM 18: (9 rds)

even – 15/13 Cal Row

odd – 30 sec. ME Russian KBS (70/53)

**score is total # reps of rkbs



WU: 4 min of DU prac, Shoulder MOB, Hip MOB



15 min Find a 2 RM Split Jerk


3 x 3 Back Squat @ 80%



1 minute of Power Snatch

rest 30 seconds

1 minute of OHS

rest 30 seconds

1 minute of push jerk

rest 30 seconds

1 minute of deadlift

rest 30 seconds

1 minute of bar over burpees


Men: Barbell @ 115 lb

Women: Barbell @ 75 lb

**Score is total # of reps

COOL: Pretzel, Couch, Frog



SK: Knees to Elbow Instruction, Pull-up Instruction


WOD: Partner “The Seven”

7 RFT:


7 Thrusters (135/95)

7 Knees-2-Elbow

7 Deadlifts (245/175)

7 Burpees

7 KBSw (72/53)

7 Pull-ups


COOL: Pigeon, Child’s Pose, Thread the needle



20 min AMRAP:

200m Farmer Carry

15 Tire-Flips

30 Med-Ball Cleans (20/14)

200m Med-Ball Run

**scoring: each run is worth 20 pts. ie: half way=10 pts **

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CrossFit Longmont 15.2 Training WOD

It’s very exciting to see scores go up and ego’s that get challenged this week.  Again be sure to encourage your fellow CrossFit Longmont Athlete.

This week is about showing ourselves what we can and can not do and doing it well in the process.  Remember as coaches we are most likely more concerned with your demonstration of “skill” than work capacity, but then again we are really impressed when you demonstrate both.

Here is some info on Tomorrow’s WOD.  Sure could help if someone found all the Master’s standards and wrote them on the whiteboard.


Good Luck




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CrossFit Longmont 15.1 Training WOD

Lets start our training week off right.  I wanted to provide all of us with some of the information available to do our best at each of these WODs this week.  Remember the Rhabdo flag is out this week if you are going to try to RX everyday I would be worried about your safety.

Lets make smart decisions and take the intention of how can we modify and scale 50% of my WOD programming this week?

Most importantly I need to decide what WODS this week I will crush at RX!!!!!  Lets go CFL Athlete, use the below info to perform.



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