Fitness has always been a passion of mine.  I grew up playing sports and being active in the outdoors. As I began my high school years I discovered that our school had a lifting program. This was something that the gym teacher had developed to strengthen our athletes to make them more competitive athletes and bring our sports programs back to their former glory. This gym teacher just so happened to be an extremely accomplished Powerlifter. I joined this weightlifting program, which was appropriately named WillPower. This team pushed me to become faster and stronger, to jump higher and build endurance, but more importantly it instilled in me the will to go beyond what I thought I could physically or mentally accomplish.  I was hooked, and soon after my freshman year dove head first into training for competitive powerlifting. The sport was addicting, constantly trying to push more weight and work towards personal goals. This was the foundation for a passion for fitness.

Soon after enlisting in the Army I developed a love for mentoring individuals to succeed within the company. This included everything from qualifying with weapons, professional growth and development, as well as coaching and passing on my knowledge base of weightlifting and general physical preparedness. I then knew that my goal in life was to become a strength and conditioning coach. As my time in the Army drew to a close my wife and I made the choice for me to wave reenlistment and enroll in school to pursue a degree in health and exercise science.

The first few months after leaving the Army I discovered a new breed of animal…CrossFit! After my first workout I was hooked and knew that it was something I wanted to learn as much as possible about. I was taken aback by the intensity the workouts brought, and realized I wasn’t as fit as I could be! My Olympic lifting skills were sub par, while I could deadlift massive weight and squat fairly efficiently, I could barely snatch and had an ugly clean and jerk.  This brought me to CrossFit Longmont and the team of coaches that had a vast knowledge base as well as welcoming athletes who welcomed me as a new comer. During the summer a course presented itself and I jumped on the opportunity to go to the Olympic Training Center and learn how to coach the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. The course was extremely informative and came out of it with a USAW Sports Performance LVL 1 coaching certificate. This jump-started me mentoring athletes in the ways of the Olympic movements. The next segway into coaching was when I was afforded the opportunity to complete my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course. The class gave me a solid base in teaching newcomers how to safely perform the movements in addition to increasing my own understanding of this amazing “Sport of Fitness”. I am honored to be a member of an outstanding coaching team here at CrossFit Longmont, as well as becoming a part of one big family with all of the members that call our gym home.

In addition to becoming the best coach I can be, I am always working to improve upon my own fitness. My goals for the future are to compete at a sanctioned weightlifting meet and have a qualifying total to secure a spot in nationals. In addition I would also like to start competing at more local CrossFit events!